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RPG Author joins KC Incubator, BetaBlox

If you followed our previous beta post update we referenced a “Top Secret Update”. Honestly, it wasn’t that top secret, but I thought that might a be “humorous” way to phrase it. I’m still trying to learn humor in blog posts … Humor aside, RPG Author is joining the KC incubator, BetaBlox. Why are we joining BetaBlox? RPG Author…
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Introducing RPG Author (Beta) — The easiest way to create, organize, and export beautiful role-playing adventures

Role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons are an amazing way to bring fantasy worlds to life. You and your closest friends sit around a table, and for a few hours a week are transported to realm of magic and adventure. Then you try to write your own adventure. and it’s a bit more complicated than you…
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