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Page Layout: Your “Secret Sauce”

We all know that 99.9% of all RPG published content has a standard two column, page layout. But the best designers (layouters?) don’t stop there. They understand that once a great cover pulls you into the book the design keeps you turning the pages. What is the designer’s premiere tool of choice, you ask? Two…
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Page Backgrounds and Custom Covers

Page Backgrounds and Custom Covers Our last product update was focused on stat blocks. Today we’re bringing increased design flexibility! You can now completely customize the background of every page in your content. In addition to the new page backgrounds, you can also customize the cover’s authoring credits, disable the cover completely, or showcase your…
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Creature stat blocks

Creature stat blocks are here! Creature stat blocks are a staple of any roleplaying game book. Name, factions, stats, actions, unique boss abilities, etc… We’ve packed it all into a simple widget for your content. Stat blocks in action Featured above is a stat block from the Dungeons and Dragon 5E theme. Normally, this would…
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