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Page Layout: Your “Secret Sauce”

We all know that 99.9% of all RPG published content has a standard two column, page layout. But the best designers (layouters?) don’t stop there. They understand that once a great cover pulls you into the book the design keeps you turning the pages. What is the designer’s premiere tool of choice, you ask? Two…
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Page Backgrounds and Custom Covers

Page Backgrounds and Custom Covers Our last product update was focused on stat blocks. Today we’re bringing increased design flexibility! You can now completely customize the background of every page in your content. In addition to the new page backgrounds, you can also customize the cover’s authoring credits, disable the cover completely, or showcase your…
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Creature stat blocks

Creature stat blocks are here! Creature stat blocks are a staple of any roleplaying game book. Name, factions, stats, actions, unique boss abilities, etc… We’ve packed it all into a simple widget for your content. Stat blocks in action Featured above is a stat block from the Dungeons and Dragon 5E theme. Normally, this would…
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Show, Don’t Tell: Prose in Roleplaying Games

Stepping onto the staircase you hear the floorboards begin to creak and groan. As you ascend, a few spiders skitter across their webs. Finally, after a few minutes of climbing, you reach the top of the winding stairwell and are met by a sturdy wooden door with an iron handle. We’ve all encountered descriptions similar…
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Player Personas: A Guide To Understanding Your Players

The History of Player Personas To first understand player personas we first need to be back to the year, 1990. In 1990, a game designer named Richard Bartle wrote an essay about player types in Multi-User Dungeon games. In his essay, Bartle, discusses four distinct players types, how these players usually play games, phrases the…
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Improve Your DMs Guild Content – 8 Simple Solutions

Days and nights passed as you tirelessly created your first piece of content for the DMs Guild. It’s an exciting feeling, you’ve built something you love for a game you love even more. But what do you do now? Many authors will start working on their next piece of content, but I believe this is to be…
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Brainstorming an Adventure

Brainstorming an adventure is the most crucial and most forgotten piece of the writing process. It’s far too common for authors to start building a vast world or focus on a villain’s encounter without even taking five minutes to ponder their overall plot. Don’t be that person. Brainstorming an adventure helps you take small, incremental steps towards…
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Weak enemies. Can they be challenging?

The world of Dungeons and Dragons is truly massive. Adventurers spend years traveling the continents, saving townsfolk, and dreaming of epic battles with dragons. Epic enemies are great, but why can’t we challenge players with weak enemies? Today we’re going to learn how to challenge your players with frogs, giant fire beetles, and goats! Wait, don’t…
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RPG Author joins KC Incubator, BetaBlox

If you followed our previous beta post update we referenced a “Top Secret Update”. Honestly, it wasn’t that top secret, but I thought that might a be “humorous” way to phrase it. I’m still trying to learn humor in blog posts … Humor aside, RPG Author is joining the KC incubator, BetaBlox. Why are we joining BetaBlox? RPG Author…
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Beta Update #2: October Reflection and November Roadmap

October has come and gone, and with it, our first month of the RPG Author beta. We’ve had roughly 40 issues and feedback logged to our github page from the application. I’ve also had the pleasure to meet with a number of you in person and over skype/hangout sessions. It’s been amazing to see how to get…
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