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Frequently Asked Questions - RPG Author
Olathe, KS, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What does RPG Author cost?

By default, RPG Author is 100% free. You can create and share all the content you want without paying a dime.

We do offer enhancing features that you can pay for if you wish. These features are designed to make your experience better, not as a barrier to success.

Is the content I create publicly viewable?

By default, all your content is kept private. Once you’re ready to show your work off you can then make it public. By making your content public you allow other users to view, comment, share and provide feedback.

Who owns the content I create with RPG Author?

Ownership of the content created with RPG Author is 100% the “original creators”. In most circumstances, this “original creator” will be you. However, you may wish to add content to your adventures which you did not originally create (i.e. trademarked or intellectual property in which you have a license to use). In these cases, you are responsible for the permission to use this content and providing any necessary credit to the original creators of that content.

At no point does RPG Author own any part of the content you or others create. However, with your permission, we may use content to increase the application’s benefits for other creators.

Can I use the content I create commercially?

Yes, all content created is owned by either you or it’s original creators. You may take your content and distribute it on a marketplace such as dmsguild or drivethrurpg.