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Page Backgrounds and Custom Covers

Page Backgrounds and Custom Covers

Page Backgrounds and Custom Covers

Our last product update was focused on stat blocks. Today we’re bringing increased design flexibility! You can now completely customize the background of every page in your content. In addition to the new page backgrounds, you can also customize the cover’s authoring credits, disable the cover completely, or showcase your designed cover without any text from RPG Author.

Use a default background

Don’t like the default background for your adventure? Upload a new one and as the default for all pages in your adventure.

Set a unique background for each page

Some pages require a bit more of a special touch. For these types of page’s, you can override the adventure background default. In the example below, I use a beautiful piece of artwork to make this page stand out.

Custom Covers

As a bonus for this feature release, I was able to sneak in some cover customizations. You can now make the following adjustments to your adventure’s cover.

  • Authoring Credits. You can now update the authoring credits text on your cover. If you don’t supply authoring credits, the system will default to your name or username.
  • Disable Cover. Sometimes you don’t want a cover for your pdf export. You can now completely disable your cover!
  • No Watermark. I removed the RPG Author watermark for the time being. Some branding will exist in the future, but it’s not clear how we’ll solve it yet.
  • No Title / Author Credits. If you have already created a beautiful cover, you can now only show that cover image. Nothing from RPG Author will get in the way.

A PDF example with only your designed cover showing

Watch the features in action

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. Give the new page background and cover features a try and tell us what you think!

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