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Creature stat blocks

Creature stat blocks

Creature stat blocks are here!

Creature stat blocks are a staple of any roleplaying game book. Name, factions, stats, actions, unique boss abilities, etc… We’ve packed it all into a simple widget for your content.

Stat blocks in action

Featured above is a stat block from the Dungeons and Dragon 5E theme. Normally, this would be a very tedious operation to design and add all over your RPG material. With our new creature stat block widget adding this entire component takes only a few seconds. And that’s not even the best part.

Every creature stat block in RPG Author is configurable and extendable!

Adding a stat block

To start adding stat blocks to your adventure, click the new ‘monster stat block’ button in your adventure’s editor. A basic stat block will be added inline. Clicking the newly added component will open a dialog (shown below). With the dialog, you control every aspect of the stat block.

Name, stats, details, abilities, actions, and much more…

Searching for creatures

Packed in the new creature component widget is the entire Dungeons and Dragons 5E OGL bestiary. Add goblins, giants, or dragons to your adventure in seconds without having to remember all their details.

Tweak or extend as you wish

As I mentioned early, every single creature data point is 100% configurable. Start with one as a template or build an entirely new monstrosity from the ground up!

In the future, we’ll add a way to save your unique campaign creatures and create your own templates from them.

Want more details? Watch our short feature release video

Watch this short video to see the entire stat block component and how you can leverage it in your content.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. Try adding some stat blocks and let me know what you think!

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