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RPG Author joins KC Incubator, BetaBlox - RPG Author
Olathe, KS, USA

RPG Author joins KC Incubator, BetaBlox

RPG Author joins KC Incubator, BetaBlox


If you followed our previous beta post update we referenced a “Top Secret Update”. Honestly, it wasn’t that top secret, but I thought that might a be “humorous” way to phrase it.

I’m still trying to learn humor in blog posts …

Humor aside, RPG Author is joining the KC incubator, BetaBlox.



Why are we joining BetaBlox?

RPG Author has been growing quickly since early this summer, but it has become increasingly clear lately that we needed to take the next step forward to continue our growth. With this desire to push forward we have decided to join the KC Incubator, BetaBlox.

BetaBlox began it’s journey a few years ago in Kansas City and has since expanded its offerings to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our journey to meeting BetaBlox is, in my opinion, one of those pivotal changes in direction that we reflect on years later. With that in mind, we are excited to be a participant in one of their incubation batches.

What does this mean for RPG Author?

In short, nothing but awesome. We are going to become a lean, mean, fighting machine. Our vision and goals are exactly the same as before, but we will now have additional support, advice, and networking potential to solve bigger problems in a quicker time frame.

As mentioned before, we are excited about the potential and grateful for this opportunity.

Keeping in touch

Our volume of content will be increasing in the future and you may want to follow us in a different medium.

Our recommendation is either facebook or twitter. Lastly, you are always welcome to email us directly at contact@rpgauthor.com.

Stay safe, enjoy the holiday season, and play some RPGs.


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