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Introducing RPG Author (Beta) — The easiest way to create, organize, and export beautiful role-playing adventures - RPG Author
Olathe, KS, USA

Introducing RPG Author (Beta) — The easiest way to create, organize, and export beautiful role-playing adventures

Introducing RPG Author (Beta) — The easiest way to create, organize, and export beautiful role-playing adventures

RPG Author

Role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons are an amazing way to bring fantasy worlds to life. You and your closest friends sit around a table, and for a few hours a week are transported to realm of magic and adventure.

Then you try to write your own adventure. and it’s a bit more complicated than you probably thought. Sure, it’s easy to jot down some notes, and “liberate” a some encounter ideas from the “vaults of inspiration”.


But what about the coherence of your story? What about creating an immersive experience for your players? Heck what about just getting rid of the physical clutter of your notes? And for you digital notebook types, what about adding some nice iconography components to your adventures for narrative and notes for yourself?

These just a few of the problems we want to solve with RPG Author project.

The easiest way to create, organize, and export beautiful role-playing adventures

Our Goal for RPG Author

Our goal is to help game masters create, organize, and export beautiful role-playing adventures. We believe that a homebrew adventure creates a unique, immersive, and unparalleled experience for your players. It’s our mission to enable anyone to create an adventure with same quality of experience you have come to expect from professional publishers such as Wizards of the Coastand Paizo.

All the Bells and Whistles

In order to help you level up your adventure writing skills we will aim to provide a number of tools ranging from simple tutorials to artificial intelligence. The list below is part of our current roadmap.

  • Introduction Tutorials to Writing: Take a dive into authoring and learn how to structure your plot, character development, and how to describe aspects of your world in beautiful ways.
  • Keeping Organized: Keep every part of your adventures in one place. Stop worrying about multiple notebooks or documents, they’re slowing you down. Everything you create in RPG Author is stored and linked back to the a common world your adventures take place in. Never loose another piece of your work again.
  • Player Interactions: To orientate your story for the players in your group you need to know their backstories, but it’s not always easy to get people to supply that information. We’ll facilitate a space within your story for the players to jot down the particulars of their characters
  • Adventure Play Testing: Parts of your adventure are difficult gauge the challenge. What if another group would actually play test your encounter or puzzle? That would be pretty sweet. After all, a guinea pig you don’t know is better than one you do!
  • The Perfect Brainstorm: Brainstorming is key to fleshing out what “could be” in your adventure. It also helps keep your world open incase the players go a bit… crazy.
  • Iteration Speed: Generate characters, names, factions, locations, or just import an entire dungeon from another author’s public work.

Got an idea you want us to consider? Email us at contact.rpgauthor.com.

A Truly Beautiful Adventure

After all your hard work building your story you inevitably type the adventure up in some kind of text document such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. These tools aren’t doing your adventure justice though because they aren’t made RPG adventure modules. Heck, Google Docs didn’t get a 2 column layout until about a year ago.

Don’t even get us started on trying to add a nice looking widget for your game master notes or narrative prose blocks. Bleh. Creating a nice looking adventure PDF for your play sessions shouldn’t have to be a pain.

With RPG Author, once you’re done crafting the story, just arrange a plot storyboard, and download a beautifully formatted PDF.

Every notation component you would expect from a professional publisher’s module

This sounds awesome, how can I get involved?

We’ve been hard at work building RPG Author and we’re excited to announce that we have a beta you can join right now. Participating in the beta will also snag you some rather shnazzy perks too!


  • Exclusive Early Access: Gain exclusive access to RPG Author before anyone else.
  • 3 Months Free: Gain 3 months of premium features for free at launch.
  • Hall Of Fame: Have your name etched into the hall of fame for eternity.
  • In-App Beta Badge: Show off your RPG Author profile with a beta tester badge.
  • Shape the Product: Help mold RPG Author at it’s foundation. Your feedback greatly impacts the product and

Join the Beta Now

Thank you for your interest in RPG Author. You can learn even more about the product and join the beta at http://rpgauthor.com.


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