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Roleplaying Adventure Writing Software - RPG Author
Olathe, KS, USA

Roleplaying Adventure Writing Software That Makes Design Painless

Create amazing roleplaying adventures, in less time, with software actually designed for RPGs.

Writing a rich, engaging adventure is hard, we get it.

Even the best adventure ideas have a long, windy road to the gaming table.

RPG Author empowers you bring your vision to life and create an epic adventure.

Rich Writing Editor

Our custom adventure writing editor is packed with powerful rpg components and design templates; yet it’s as easy to use as a simple text editor.

Educational Videos

Level up your writing skills with our educational videos. We break down topics such as character design, encounter balancing, and worldbuilding.

Visual Organization

Visually organized notes for your adventure make even the most complex plot lines simple to grasp.

Even more, features to whet your appetite…


Pick one of our designed themes and never worry about layout, font, colors, or any other visual design aspect again.

Monster Stat Blocks

Quickly import monster stat blocks into your content in seconds. Extend that monster’s template or create your own monstrosities from the ground up.


When you have a question we’re here, ready to answer. Our chat support helps you get an answer when you need it most.


Want to really impress your friends? We’ll ship a professionally printed copy of your adventure straight to your gaming table.


As you write, we save. Our auto-saving technology prevents you from losing your most precious content.


Flexible weekly writing goals give you accountability to create your best work. Consistency is key.


Export professional, pixel-perfect adventures to a PDF with a click of a button.


Best of all, RPG Author is free. No trial period or required features gated behind a paywall.

Start writing your adventure today, for free


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